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Jackdaw E Books is the publishing imprint of Cumbrian writer Sue Millard: horses, history and humour in varying combinations, as electronic books and paperbacks, for readers 4 to 94. The books are written, edited, designed and printed in the UK.

Buy direct from this web site to support the "buy small, buy local" ethos.

It takes years to research, write, edit and produce a book. It will sell for the price of a box of chocolates. BUT! a book is better than chocolates (you never thought you'd hear me say that) because you can devour it more than once and it still won't make you fat.

Book Cover of Against the odds novel Book cover of SCRATCH novel Book cover of Coachman novel cover of String of Horses novel 
Book cover of Hoofprints in Eden cover Award logo for Lakeland Book of the Year 2006 logo Book cover of  one fell swoop
 book cover of Keeping On Book cover of Twisted Stair Book cover image of Ruby Wedding Book cover image of Ash Tree Book cover image of Galloway Gate
 Book cover of  Fell facts activity book Book cover of  Fell Fun activity book Book cover of Dragon bait book cover of Forthright Saga

Buying Jackdaw books

You can buy most of the printed books from this web site. You can pay via PayPal, bank transfer, cheque or cash (and occasional canny bartering). See individual book pages for the necessary links.


You can purchase from this site even if you don't have a PayPal account. Click the button, check you have ordered the right book/s, then choose the option for "Check out without a PayPal account". Here's what the screen should look like if you "Check out without a PayPal account". Look for a section on the payment screen that reads "Don't have a PayPal account?" You should see a link titled "continue checkout" somewhere in this section. Select the link to open the credit card input screen. Enter your personal information, billing address and credit or debit card information. Click the "Review Payment" button when you are done. Review the payment details displayed on the screen to make sure everything is correct. If you need to edit any of the information, click the "Change" button at the bottom of that section. When you are satisfied that your credit or debit card information is accurate, click the "Pay Now" button to finalize your payment.

Bank Transfer

Please email me for the bank codes.


Printed novels are available through the usual trade channels, your local bookshop and Make a note of the ISBN and you're good to go.

However - small volumes such as short stories, poetry and children's activity books are not available from bookshops as the profit margins just aren't there for either party. Sad, but there it is. There are purchase links on the individual pages. If you want to buy direct please get in touch.

Beware of "free download" sites offering pirated digital copies of books. You don't know what malware you may be downloading along with the "free" text. These sites steal from authors. Please don't use them.

Follow Jackdaw E Books on Facebook.


Your local school, WI or book club might enjoy a talk about researching, writing and self-publishing, or about Fell Ponies. Get in touch!

Press copies

Copies for press review can be supplied in various digital formats on request.

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