Sue's News

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The sequel to Against the Odds is taking shape. If you've seen me lurking about on the fell with a camera, yes, I am up to no good at all! Still writing a poem a week, or more, plus battering my heroine with a great deal of nasty stuff.

Janni Howker's terrific review of Ash Tree is published here on Ink, Sweat and Tears.

Hoofprints in Eden is now out in four parts for Kindle.

There's an updated digital edition of Hoofprints in Eden for Kindle, and I now hold most of the remaining stock of the paperback (and a solid little box-full it is, too).

ITV's Dales Diary interviewed me in 2007 about Hoofprints in Eden and of course about its subject, the Fell pony.

...and older stuff

I appeared on the BBC TV quiz "Mastermind" in 1984 when it was fronted by the late, great Magnus Magnusson. In 2005 I was partly responsible for the poet Ian Macmillan having to walk up High Street (the mountain) instead of the High Street (Barnsley), while discussing the history of trotting races alongside Bob Orrell and two Fell ponies who were sure he could go faster than THAT. However, neither I nor his producer take any responsibility for the accompanying "liquid sunshine", AKA a howling gale and rain. Dylan Winter was made of sterner stuff when recording Rare Steeds, and thoroughly enjoyed driving out with Ruby and me on a frosty December morning in 2005.

I serve on the FPS Council, editing the FPS Magazine and chairing its Overseas Sub-Committee. I own a clever bay Fell mare called Ruby. The thing about Fell ponies is - they are funny and they attract very funny people!

At various times I've been Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the North West Driving Club and still serve on its committee. 

In 2002 I achieved "with distinction" the degree of MSc in Multimedia Computing. For 12 years until the end of January 2009 I worked as a technician/instructor and then a Computing lecturer at the University of Cumbria.