Sue Millard

I was born and went to school in Cheshire, and moved to Cumbria in 1975. Since then I've lived up here with my husband in what he calls "a very small hamlet at the end of the world."  We have a grown-up married daughter and a son, lost a much-loved granddaughter to cancer shortly before her 6th birthday, and now have a red-headed grandson with a permanent grin and (predictably) a liking for the open air and Fell ponies. 

My first degree was a 4 year honours degree, 2.1 in English Literature and Education, at Chester College (now the University of Chester). Later I achieved a Masters degree in Multimedia Computing from the University of Central Lancashire.

Literature AND computing? Well--why not? Writers should resist being pigeonholed, typecast or stereotyped!

I've brought up a family. I've designed embroidery canvases, painted murals and built websites. For 14 years I made competition driving harness for horses and ponies, and farmed at Daw Bank. During that time I was a regular contributor to Carriage Driving Magazine, was a cartoonist and wrote for the pony magazine Going Native until its closure in 1995 and I still contribute occasionally to its successor Native Pony.

I have had three books published by "proper" publishing houses, One Fell Swoop (now reprinted), Against the Odds (J A Allen) and Hoofprints in Eden (Hayloft).

Luke Casey and Dales Diary interviewed me in 2007 about Hoofprints in Eden and an interview by Dylan Winter for BBC Radio 4's "Rare Steeds" is still available here.

Recently I've also been doing a good deal of editing and proofing work and the penny finally dropped that I could be doing this for my OWN books. So here we are.

Article in the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald Monday, 08 October 2012



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